Early intervention

Early intervention (0-3 years of age) in the form of accurate physiotherapy guides the special children through near normal motor developmental pattern.

Through a tailor-made  plan skillfully crafted depending on your child’s ability, we facilitate their gross and fine motor activities.

Our therapists not only teach them motor function but also train them to use it in their daily activities. Our excellent occupational therapy products help them gain independence in their daily routine.

Early intervention is also directed towards pre academic activities like independent sitting, holding pencil, playing with toys, coloring and scribbling so that they are at par with their peer group in school.

Our early intervention strategies make sure prevention of musculoskeletal complications like muscle tightness, contractures and deformities of joints. Specific graded stretching techniques, myofascial release (technique to improve flexibility of muscles and fascia) and orthotic support (corrective and supporting splints) are used at our centre. We aim at prevention of surgery. However, when surgery is inevitable, we work on the most trusted rehabilitation plan to improve the outcome post surgery.